What to Expect During Your Loan Financing Process

Step 1: You have an accepted offer on a home.

Step 2: Gather your paperwork, make loan application, lock in interest rate.

Step 3: File is sent to lender for loan approval with your paperwork (approval takes approx 3-5 days).

Step 4: Lender emails initial disclosure package. Open it, consent to email and e-sign.

Step 5: Your debit card info is obtained and your appraisal is ordered (appraisal takes approx 14 days).

Step 6: Loan is underwritten and lender issues an approval with conditions.

Step 7: Buyer gets conditions and homeowners insurance to lender for final review (final approval takes approx 48 hours days).

Step 8: Underwriter reviews appraisal / conditions. Loan is cleared to close.

Step 9: Closing disclosure is emailed to buyer to e-sign. Employment is re-verified. Credit soft-pull is done.

Step 10: 3-day mandatory wait period starts. Loan documents are sent to escrow (documents take approx 24 – 48 hours to arrive).

Step 11: Buyer signs documents. Lender reviews for accuracy.

Step 12: Loan funds in 24 hours, wire is disbursed, deed is recorded, receive keys to new home (same day funding may apply).

Step 13: Welcome home!