Paramount Mortgage Company

Proudly Serving All of Oregon Since 1997

Who We Are

At Paramount Mortgage Company, our goal is to assist and educate you and your family in finding the mortgage that suits you best. We understand that everyone has unique needs and provide a range of products to fulfill those needs.

We are committed to providing you and your family with comprehensive knowledge about the various home loan options and programs available.

We are proud to offer competitive interest rates from various lenders nationwide.

Based in Eugene and serving Oregon, Paramount Mortgage Company has been locally owned and operated since 1997.

Why Choose Us

Paramount Mortgage Company

  • As mortgage brokers, we’re federally licensed and have nationally regulated education.
  • Ethical business practices and the commitment to educating our borrowers are the foundations of our business. It was never our focus to be the biggest lender but rather be the one that stands out as the best.
  • Our compensation is regulated. Therefore, we will tell you upfront what you are paying.
  • We are a Mortgage Broker and have access to various lenders, providing you with the best options for your financial needs.
  • We are locally owned and have proudly served the entire State of Oregon since 1997.
  • We have access to many loan programs including Cash Out, Conventional, FHA, First-Time Buyers Programs, Investment Property, Manufactured Homes, One-Time-Close Construction Loans, Purchase, Refinance, Rehab Loans, Second Homes, USDA, and VA.
  • We have yearly required continuing education.
  • We help compare all your loan options so that you can make an informed decision.
  • We shop around for the best interest rates and fees, saving you time and money.
  • We strive to educate our borrowers and offer face-to-face appointments to help navigate you through the loan process.
  • We use local Underwriters & Appraisers, which means accelerated loan processing.

Retail Banks

  • Banks can only offer you their rates and programs.
  • Banks may not approve your loan as they have more restrictive lending guidelines.
  • Banks do not have to disclose their compensation. Therefore, you may be surprised at what you end up paying.
  • Banks can’t shop around for your best interest rate and fees.
  • They exclude Mortgage Originators who work for banks from licensing; they only have to be registered. Unlike Mortgage Brokers, who are required to pass a Nationwide Mortgage Exam and complete annual continuing education.

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